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looking to hire Full Time science teacher


1 - 3 Years Full Time Grade 1 ICSE School 05 Aug 21 Arsikere

Job Description

Skills Required

able to teach for ICSE Syllabus and communicate in English

Any other Terms/Conditions

good in communication

Profile Summary


Grades : Middle School,

Location : Arsikere

Posted on : Aug. 5, 2021

School Type : ICSE School

Salary : 0 - 1 Lakh

Experience : 1 - 3 Years

Number of Openings : 1

Education Qualification : B.Ed

Preferred Candidate : Any

Who can Apply : Any

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Your opportunity to educate the next generation global leaders await !

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    Should have experience in handling all Statutory Compliance like-PF,PT,ESIC, TDS etc.,.

    Should have meticulous approach & a positive attitude towards the profession

    Should have Minimum 2 years of work experience in account

    Candidate should be willing to join immediately.

    Preferred Proficient in English communication


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    Observe collect feedback and guide them towards improvement;

    Set training and events as per the requirement; Handles classes;

    Set and maintain standards in achieving the Cambridge standards.


  • The Indian Public School

    Coimbatore 1 - 3 Years Full Time International School 27 Apr 21

    Key Skills :



     ñ  Check the inventory of medicines 1st week of the month

    ñ  Medicines with near expiry to be noted and discarded accordingly

    ñ  Purchase list to be given based on stock availability and need

    ñ  Bills to be cross checked with order list and get it stamped from main gate security

    ñ  Submit the original bill to accounts department and photocopies filed for further reference.


    ñ  Handy first aid box to be kept ready during fest time as there is a chance to  acquire minor injuries

    ñ  First aid boxes given for various departments to be refilled once in a month

    ñ  Maintain a record with the details of medication quantity,expiry date and to be collected before the due expiry

    ñ  First aid kit for trips to be arranged on need basis and printed copies which includes dosage and indication has to be kept inside the box.

    ñ  Maintain a record with details of medicines given and returned for the outdoor trips.


    ñ  Meet the parent of allergic students to acquire clear history, stimulating factors and regarding the follow up concerns.

    ñ  Keep a rapport with allergic students and ensuring them not to take allergic inducing substances.

    ñ  Explain the alarming symptoms of allergies.

    ñ  Maintain a record which comprises of children with allergic issues.

    ñ  Medicine given by allergic students  to be kept safely and refrigerated.

    ñ  Inform the parent when medication is at near expiry and get a replacement.

    ñ  If known cases of allergic student has come to dispensary for ailment should be notified to parent immediately.


    Day scholars

    ñ  Every day scholar student coming to the dispensary for any reason should be recorded – medication given, dosage and number of times administered

    ñ  Health forms of new students to be checked

    ñ  Data obtained from health forms with specific health issues/ allergies to be updated in a soft copy

    ñ  Mail the format copies to respective coordinators and help desk

    ñ  PYP children not be given any medication without parents consent

    ñ  In case of fever parents to be informed and medicine to be given as per parent’s advise

    ñ  In case of fall due to hitting and purposeful pushing to be informed to respective coordinators

    ñ  Identify day scholars with special needs ( eg. seizures ) and treat them accordingly

    ñ  Minor complains to be given with basic medical assistance at the dispensary

    ñ  MYP and DP students are not allowed without permission slip from their help desk unless it is an emergency

    ñ  In case the child has to be  kept on observation the respective help desk is to be informed

    ñ  If required for certain conditions, help desk is informed to give a diary note

     Residential students :

    ñ  Every academic year health forms are duly filled with updated health history and signed by parent

    ñ  Data obtained from health forms with specific health issues/ allergies to be updated in soft copy. 

    ñ  Mail the details to the coordinator

    ñ  Monitor the children who do regular specific exercise

    ñ  Withhold sick children from sports if it is necessary

    ñ  Maintaining the record of students exempted from sports

    ñ  Any information regarding hostel children to be communicated to residential coordinators.

    ñ  Medical trips to be intimated and updated to HOS and coordinators

    ñ  Children with mild illness can be treated with basic natural remedies

    ñ  If children are suspected with infection or easily communicable  disease, to be isolated or to sent home as a precaution measure.

    ñ  Medication to be given based on the need and allergic history.

    ñ  Identify own medications student and give medication on time.

    ñ  In case the children don't turn up for medication, give a call and provide it without fail

    ñ  Height and weight to be checked 4 times during an academic year

    ñ  Check for overweight and underweight children and advice them about food habits

    ñ  Discuss with respective tutors regarding food habits

    ñ  Maintain the menstrual cycle dates of residential girls

    ñ  Check for frequent, missed periods and discuss with parent

    ñ  Fumigation for the residential area to be arranged and monitored 


    ñ  In case of medical emergencies like deep cuts, fracture initial management has to be given, parents needs to be informed and should shift them immediately to hospital. 

    ñ  Inform the HOS, CSO and Residential coordinator about the need to visit the hospital and arrange for the ambulance.   


    ñ  Should maintain a record for the medicine given for students and staffs both soft and hard copy.

    ñ  Data regarding medical expense, inventory, distribution of medicine should be updated daily and periodically in soft and hard copy.

    ñ  Daily update to be given in person

    ñ  Temperature recording of children with fever should be periodically done

    ñ  Monthly report to be sent to residential coordinator by the end of every month 


    ñ  A petty cash for emergencies should always be retained in the infirmary

    ñ  Record of expenses to be maintained

    ñ  Balance amount to be settled to accounts department along with the bill of expenditure.


    ñ  Inventory of equipments to be obtained at the beginning and end of year

    ñ  Request for new equipment or replacement of broken or old equipment to be mailed to purchase manager after approval from HOS

    ñ  Sterilize medical equipments before use

    ñ  Sterilize measuring cups on daily basis

    ñ  The fridge to be cleaned every fortnight

    ñ  Cleanliness of the infirmary and its furniture to be monitored




  • Bhaktivedanta Model School

    Pune 1 - 3 Years Full Time CBSE School 09 Apr 21

    Key Skills :

    Bhaktivedanta Model school is a CBSE School,located in Pune, Maharashtra. The School is upto 10th Grade.  We are focused on the development of character of the students along with the competence. We are a school where we not only teach academics but also about the character and values like sensitivity, honesty, truthfulness, etc. With this, our vision is to not only create literate but cultured people in the society. We have following vacancy in our school for teacher,


    1. Class teacher for Sr. Kg.
      • Job Profile :

        • Location : Bhaktivedanta Model School, Pune

        • Job Type : Full Time 

        • Working hours: 9 am to 4.pm

        • Working days: Monday - Friday

        • Joining : Immediate

        • Salary : As per qualification and experience

        Qualifications and Skills:

        • Should be Graduate with min. 60 % marks

        • B.Ed. (Preferable).

        • Good IT skills.

        • Should have good command over English for all posts except for Hindi  

        • Should be able to teach students Online.

        • Open to learning and improvement.

        • Should have min. 1-2 years of Experience.

        • Ready to commit Min. 2 years


  • D. M. Pansari School

    Nirmali 5 - 10 Years Full Time Middle School 29 Mar 21

    Key Skills :

    A hard working lady principal is required for our

    upcoming school at Nirmali (Bihar)