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Hiring PGT Commerce (To handle Business Studies & Accountancy) Full Time Business Studies PGT Commerce- Business Studies & Accountancy

Rishs International School

3 - 5 Years Full Time Grade 1 International School 08 Feb 24 Chennai

Job Description

As a Business Studies Teacher for 11th and 12th grade, your primary responsibility is to prepare lesson plan, educate and inspire students in the field of business and entrepreneurship. You will be responsible for creating an engaging and effective learning environment, developing curriculum materials, and assessing student progress. Your role involves not only imparting knowledge of business concepts but also fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for entrepreneurship.

Key Responsibilities:

Curriculum Development:

  • Develop and update a comprehensive and relevant curriculum for 11th and 12th-grade business studies, in alignment with CBSE educational standards and guidelines.
  • Create lesson plans, learning resources, and assessments that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.

Classroom Instruction:

  • Deliver high-quality, engaging, and interactive lessons that effectively communicate key business concepts, theories, and practical applications.
  • Utilize a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, discussions, case studies, and real-world examples.

Student Assessment:

  • Develop and implement fair and effective assessment strategies to evaluate students' understanding of business studies concepts.
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to students, encouraging continuous improvement.

Classroom Management:

  • Establish and maintain a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes respect, collaboration, and active participation.
  • Manage classroom behavior and ensure a safe and conducive learning atmosphere.

Individualized Support:

  • Provide additional support and guidance to students who may need extra assistance in understanding business concepts or completing assignments.
  • Encourage student participation in extracurricular activities related to business and entrepreneurship.

Professional Development:

  • Stay informed about developments in the field of business studies, education, and pedagogy.
  • Attend workshops, conferences, and training sessions to enhance teaching skills and knowledge.

Skills Required

Profile Summary

Institution : Rishs International School

Grades : Grade 11,Grade 12,

Location : Chennai

Posted on : Feb. 8, 2024

School Type : International School

Salary : 3 - 5 Lakhs

Experience : 3 - 5 Years

Subject : Business Studies

Number of Openings : 1

Education Qualification : Master’S Degree/Bachelor’S Degree In Respective Subject From A Recognised University

Preferred Candidate : Any

Who can Apply : Only for Indian Candidate

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Your opportunity to educate the next generation global leaders await !

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    Develop the lesson plans effectively and implement the assigned curriculum completely and in due time.

    Comply with requirements for the safety and supervision of students inside and outside the classroom.

    Develop and enrich professional skills and knowledge by attending seminars, conferences, workshops etc.

    Organize supplies and resources for lectures and presentations.

    Seamlessly switch instructional roles (e.g. instructor, coach, facilitator, co-learner, audience) in relation to content and purpose of instruction and students’ needs.

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    Ensure classroom arrangement is conducive to learning.

    Plan and implement effective classroom management practices.

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