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Looking to hire Full Time Physical Education Teacher

Sri Sharada International School and Sri Sharada PU College

5 - 10 Years Full Time None International School 20 Nov 19 Koppal

Job Description

Duties and responsibilities

• Arrange and perform all crucial physical educational activities.

• Prepare and record all physical educational activities.

• Analyze entire physical educational activities along with students.

• Perform with academic teacher as well as clinical staff to identify adaptive physical educational requirements of children.

• Evaluate every student’s physical abilities by informal testing.

• Plan different recreational activities important for growth of students.

• Ensure records related objectives are addressed

• Interact with various teachers to prepare and organize interdisciplinary lessons.

• Ensure to model strict behavior management related strategies.

• Instructor inform students individually else in groups.

• Establish precise objectives for every lesson, unit and project.

• Interact with parents and guardians as required.

• Stimulate administration policies and rules related to physical education.

• Analyze student behavior and performance.


Minimum qualification required for applying for the post of Physical Education teacher would be:

• A Bachelor or Master degree (B.P.Ed or M.P.Ed) in physical education is the basic required qualification.

• A minimum experience of 5 years working in a school above the strength of 800.

• Knowledge of computers and relevant software applications

Skills Required

Athletic Skills
Teachers must be skilled in their subject areas,. As such, the physical education teacher must be a good athlete and an excellent role model for the students. He / She must reflect good health, physical coordination and vitality. He / She will be confident and strong, physically fit and able to demonstrate the techniques needed for competitive sports and exercise routines. He / She will eat healthy foods and be knowledgeable about the nutritional value of the different food groups so he/ she can explain it to students.

Motivational Skills
The physical education teacher should have excellent interpersonal skills. The teacher should have high moral standards and be able to transmit these to his students. He / she must demonstrate the value of good sportsmanlike behavior and teamwork.

Organizational Skills

Physical education teachers need to have very strong organizational skills and be able to attend to details. Their duties include the collection of parental permission forms and additional fees necessary for field trips and sporting events involving other schools. They need to keep accurate attendance records and be trained in first aid, and be prepared to handle accidents and emergencies in a calm and efficient manner. They should be punctual and reliable, organizing their personal lives so they have additional time to devote to the many extracurricular sporting events that most schools offer.

Teaching Skills
First and foremost, a physical education teacher needs to be a skilled educator. He / She needs to be able to break down complex concepts and instructions into smaller, more manageable steps. He / She must be able to recognize which students need encouragement and deliver it when needed. He / She recognize the importance of providing extra time and patience with specialneeds students.

Profile Summary

Institution : Sri Sharada International School and Sri Sharada PU College

Grades :

Location : Koppal

Posted on : Nov. 20, 2019

School Type : International School

Salary : 3 - 5 Lakhs

Experience : 5 - 10 Years

Subject : Physical Education

Number of Openings : 1

Education Qualification : Graduation

Preferred Candidate : Any

Who can Apply : Any

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