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Looking for Full Time Academic Coordinator (Primary) - Samyuktha International School, Sangareddi

Samyuktha International School

Sangareddi Full Time CBSE School 12 Nov 21

Key Skills :

Ensure safe and nurturing environment that caters to the needs of the students and teachers.

Liaise with parents and teachers and administrators and ensure adherence to school policies.

Set clear standards for student and staff achievement and behaviour.

Display an assertive presence during arrival, dispersal and school hours and monitor day-to-day functioning of school.

Mentor teachers and provide guidance to ensure smooth functioning of school.

Liaise with teachers and Principal/ vice principal and ensure effective organizational communication.

Conduct regular curriculum workshops to ensure teachers are prepared with lesson plans, teaching aids and all other classroom requirements.

Ensure uniformity in formulation and implementation of the lesson plans.

Conduct regular classroom observations and give constructive feedback to teachers in order to maintain quality and high standards.

Follow up with teachers in terms of students’ performance through formal and informal evaluation, correction policy, homework policy etc.

Play a key role in recruiting, training and retaining academic staff.

Keep the principal/vice principal informed about all the academic concerns and achievements.

Closely monitor all the Parent-Teacher communication (written and verbal) through circulars, diary notes, telephonic/mail communication etc.