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Characteristics of Effective Teaching

Teaching incorporates the passion to share knowledge with the right amount of resources available at the doorstep. A good teacher plays the role of a guide and a confidante who not only deliver lectures but also supports them in moulding their personality. They are considered as the second parent who holds equal responsibility in their growth and evolvement.

India stands in second position in terms of its teacher-training infrastructure around the globe but ranks low when it comes to the desired learning outcomes.

There are certain attributes that teachers should inculcate for an excellent classroom result. The 21 century teacher should have certain characteristics with the necessary skills to get the students driven towards a learning scenario.

  1. Perpetuating learning: that a good teacher had been a bright or excellent student, is not a given. Effective teaching is not only about understanding and grasp of a subject, it also implies a proper delivery of a topic in an uncomplicated manner. It is a two-way process where the students and the teachers learn from each other through interaction and communication.

  2. Never discriminate: Sometimes the teacher shows fondness towards a set of students who are more active and participative. Fondness is natural but when it translates into favouritism, it becomes grossly unnatural. Bias in teachers is unhealthy as there are chances of students who are getting less attention develop self-doubt which is a great hindrance for their growth.

  3. Uniqueness in teaching style: The idea or a concept can be conveyed in various ways. To get rid of monotony, teachers are supposed to experiment with their teaching methods. They should get out of their comfort zone and instruct in different ways to develop an innovative mindset.

  4. A great leader: The duty of a teacher lies in leading not extraneously disciplining children. Only source of change lies with those who inspire students to explore and push their boundaries. In the envelope is pushed the whole class would reflect willingness to pay attention instead of becoming mere followers.

  5. Narration is the king: Narration is the most important aspect which is required in teaching. Presentation should be good enough so that even the least interested students would start showing interest in the class. Every subject contains stories and it depends on the teacher how she extracts the essence from all the pages of the textbook.

The aforementioned qualities can only be attained by having an inclination for the profession to reach the highest level in the field. It is a boon to have the required skills in the journey towards imparting wisdom at the best suitable way possible.