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Modelling, the Demonstration-Based Learning

The theory behind productive learning is nothing but experience. It is a proven fact that human beings grasp things better by observation. If the vision is strong enough then the mission to learn would be fruitful and successful. Teachers are the only source from where we acquire information but there are certain learnings that is to be done by themselves. For instance, we certainly haven’t learnt the common things like tying the tie or shoelace from any YouTube tutorial but by observing and watching those things around shown by the people and repeating it over and over again.

The same process works for teaching or tutoring which is called modelling. It is said to be an effective teaching strategy to learn by live demonstrations. Currently, schools and colleges are hiring teachers if they have the necessary modelling style to teach students in a proper manner.

There are a few subjects which needs to be modelled like maths or science but the question arises how modelling helps in pedagogical learning to attain understanding?

Modelling should be done by showing real examples of what students are about to learn so that it would be ingrained in their minds which in turn would be helpful in developing their skills and knowledge towards the topic. Teachers should be careful about the models they are going to adopt keeping in mind that it would give them a thorough understanding rather than complicating it further.

Why Modelling Helps?

Learning is all about simplifying concepts in variety of ways. Teachers are supposed to attract students with various pedagogical styles to gain student interest. Modelling offers a great chance to understand the ideas or concepts prior with different examples. Demonstrations not only mean visual but anything that aids student to perceive the concept.

The Benefits of Modelling

  1. Helps students to generate ideas of the subjects they will study.

  2. The main idea is to familiarize them with the subject with suitable examples which brings an ease in their work

  3. The models give them a better understanding of the significance of the subject

  4. Sometimes teachers only have a bleak idea about how to proceed with giving assignments or projects. Giving live demonstration to student will let students to have an idea about how they want their projects to be like.

Types of Modelling

There is not one type of modelling which can be adopted into the classroom. It varies depending on the course taken into consideration. These include:

Professional Sample: This helps student to know about how a professional will work around a project and the lesson is explained. It also gives them a glimpse of how their work will be viewed by others.

Student Sample: The samples collected from the previous students for the present students to have a wider perspective of the subject

Personal sample: Sometimes to achieve greater results from students, teachers need to work with them and create their own samples in order to encourage them. The samples can be used as a medium to tell your students how you want your project to look like.

Education is about giving shape to the existing ideas, thoughts or feelings of humans which is brought together and offered to them for their progress holistically.