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The Relevance of Teacher Training in Current Times

Teachers are at the centre of the teaching-learning system. Efficient teachers are integral to the apparatus of learning and the education system.

For students’ holistic development it is important to have well-trained teachers who are accustomed with new pedagogical ways of teaching. Schools always worry about the student learning outcomes but instead of that one must give more focus to the initial teacher training programmes. The learning output can only be attained if the teacher’s output is substantive. The motive of educators should be to simplify the process of learning and for that trainings are to be conducted more often. Teaching is the fundamental system which decides the classroom outcome.

Teacher training is a continuous process which advocates teaching skills, acquire knowledge and develop newer proficiency which aids in improving classroom learning.

Researches show that when teachers are good at classroom management, it reflects on increasing the students’ interest which ultimately leads to better education outcomes as compared to teachers who are not good at classroom management.>

Teacher training process consists of two categories:

The first category contains the coursework assigned to students for a working year which comprises of content, methodology and psychology. The training also includes technology to make them familiarise with digital equipment. The second category includes practical learning and modelling.

Why is teacher training important?

Experience matters the most : teaching is about expressing or conveying ideas in a systematic and easy manner. For instance, if a fresher with a vast amount of knowledge can’t express well, he or she fails as a teacher. Therefore, to avoid that trainings are significant to boost up their confidence

Develop classroom management : Teaching is not only about giving long lectures for hours but also to enhance class management skills. A teacher should know how to handle student emotions, where they lag behind, and what their needs are. He should have an idea how to manage them in the first glance itself. It is his responsibility to get students’ attention if they appear to be least interested

The teacher training is not only necessary after the recruitment process but it should be conducted once or twice a year. This would enable them to have an idea about the new technologies or models that has arrived in the education sector.

Teachers would be able to polish teaching strategies and motivate students in learning. The lessons might be boring but what matters is how teachers are presenting it in the class. So, for that teachers should adapt various strategies and guide students in the right direction.

The scholars have the power to make the society a better place by bringing up students in such a way that they use their abilities and skills for its development. Thus, only a good training leads to a better growth.