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Looking to Hire Full Time Psychology Student Counsellor (Psychological) - Pathways World School, Gurgaon

Pathways World School

Gurgaon Full Time IB School 02 Apr 20

Key Skills : Psychology


The counsellor is an integral part of the emotional and behavioural development group
In consultation with the Principals a teacher can request the help of the counsellor. Intervention is planned after documentation of review by the Principal of the student’s observation of behaviour . Teachers are asked to appraise the details of behaviour in case of situations that need to be documented.
The counsellor is expected to develop modules on various issues of psychological and social developmental issues. 
The start of an individual counselling is undertaken only with appropriate parent permission and briefing of parents and appropriate, regular update with parents.
Records of Individual counselling sessions are maintained in with appropriate ethical consideration of anonymity and confidentiality. Student and parent needs are valued at all times.
In the case of a student crisis, the counsellor can be sought for help to  manage the crisis but the form tutor is responsible to plan and sustain the reinforcement of appropriate behaviour in class.
Major Job Responsibilities:
1. Implement the guidance program 
2. Guide individuals and groups of students through the development of educational, Psychological (Emotional, Behavioural and Cognitive), social and moral development
3. Counsel individuals and small groups of children toward social and emotional growth;
4. Consult with and train teachers, parents and staff regarding children’s needs;
5. Referfacilitate children with problems and their parents to special programs, specialists and outside agencies; Facilitate the process of parents sourcing specialists and outside agencies fto deal with special needs.
6. Participate in, coordinate and conduct activities that contribute to the effective operation of the counselling program and school;
7. Participate in and facilitate the intervention team process;
8. Plan and evaluate the counselling program;
9. Pursue continuous professional growth.
Conduct classroom guidance activities in each teacher’s class and/or systematically conduct developmental counselling groups for each grade level throughout the year consult with and/or provide resources to teachers to facilitate their instruction of counselling content and to infuse counselling content in the regular educational curriculum.
2. Group Counselling sessions topics may include academic failure, family issues, child abuse, attendance and/or behavior problems, peer problems, and substance abuse. Serve as student advocate and avoid role of disciplinarian.
3. Consult with and train teachers, parents and staff regarding children’s needs: participate in staffing; conduct in service programs for faculty; act as a resource person for faculty, staff and parents; conduct conferences with teachers and/or parents; conduct or provide opportunities for parent education program; write articles for parent newsletters, assist families with school-related problems.
4. Refer children with problems and their parents to special programs, specialists and outside agencies: consult and coordinate such as school administrators, nurses, school psychologists, community based psychologists, service agencies, and physicians.
5. Participate in activities that contribute to the effective operation of the school:  contribute to the school and individual building goals for enhancing education; conduct in-service training, act as an advocate for groups or individual students as system decisions are made.
6. Participate in and facilitate the intervention team process: assume an active role in designing, implementing, monitoring, and adjusting educational plans for individual students.
7. Plan and evaluate the counselling program: review the counselling program annually with staff and administration; establish the counselling department master calendar; evaluate learning activities as they are implemented; complete an annual counselling program evaluation.
8. Pursue continuous professional growth: attend state and local staff development offerings; join associations; read professional journals and contribute to professional literature; attend relevant workshops and conferences sponsored by professional organizations; take post-graduate courses; conduct training for staff and other counsellors.



Looking to hire for the academic session 2020-21 Full Time Students Counsellor Psychology Sudents Counsellor - Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

Shri Ram Global School, Greater Noida West

Greater Noida Full Time CBSE School 10 Oct 19

Key Skills : Students Counsellor Psychology

A student counselor is responsible for guiding the students regarding their behavioural issues and helping them understand their potential and provide help to resolve it

– Helping the students understand their skill sets and provide them ways to utilize it.

– Advising the students on their personal problems and helps them to resolve it.

Engaging the parents and the school authorities, for coming up with a solution, if the child faces some big problem and together they help the child.

– Recognizing the behavioral issues and provides solutions to handle them.

– Holding various sessions with the students to identify the problems, that the child faces and try to understand their troubles and advise them.