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Looking to hire Full Time Psychology Counsellor - Vidyamangal Residential School, Surat

Vidyamangal Residential School

Surat Full Time Boarding School 18 Jun 19

Key Skills : Psychology

  • provide support to people experiencing emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work through their issues
  • work with student on a specific issue for a designated period of time rather than a long duration, with a view to fostering the student’s well-being and supporting them through personal problems or life transitions
  • use techniques such as talking therapy to assist people to reach their own resolutions or develop strategies to address and remedy their concerns
  • As a Counsellor, your daily responsibilities may include:

    Meeting with clients to discuss their emotional, mental or lifestyle issues.

    Acting as a facilitator of group counselling sessions or a mediator in a conflict resolution setting.

    Discussing your clients’ desired goals and outcomes.

    Providing relevant information or resources specific to the client’s needs.

    Assisting clients to set goals and adopt strategies to address their issues.

    Referring clients to other healthcare professionals where appropriate. 

    Liaising with healthcare professionals as part of a health management team.

Accounts Teacher cum Education Coordinator Full Time Accounts Teacher - NJ Charitable Trust, Surat

Nj Charitable Trust

Surat Full Time Coaching /Tution 12 Jan 23

Key Skills : Accounts

Job Description:

  • Need to help the CA students for query solving.
  • Coordinate with the Subject Matter Expert to solve the query, if not solved.
  • Conduct the examination on regular basis. Also need to check the exam papers.
  • Overall responsible to run the center in coordination with head office.
  • Visit to students' school, if required


7:00 am to 4:00 pm