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Looking to hire Full Time sports coach, skating coach, swimming coach, basketball coach, cricket coach - Basil Woods International School, Bangalore City

Basil Woods International School

Bangalore City Full Time IGCSE School 06 Apr 20

Key Skills :

  • To plan and conduct the sports classes, assessing progress of children. 
  • To arrange /prepare the required teaching aids for the sports classes.
  • Communicate various concepts and record progress regularly in portfolios.
  • To create a healthy environment, to foster positive learning with students of different nationalities.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to integrate new activities and allocate effective resources.
  • To participate in regular meetings with the management to review the effectiveness of the schools’ policies, procedures and processes.
  • To assist in areas of planning, development, revision and implementation of the sports programs and policies.
  • To participate in periodic trainings both online and offline.
  • To participate in club activities, school events and house activities.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in the relevant subject. A degree in Education would be a distinct advantage.



Looking to Hire Full Time Gymnastics Swimming Physical Education Teacher - Pathways World School, Gurgaon

Pathways World School

Gurgaon Full Time IB School 31 Mar 20

Key Skills : Gymnastics Swimming

Pathways World School looking for a Swimming Coach and Gymnastic Coach.



Immediately required female swimming coach Full Time Swimming Coach - The Doon Girls School, Dehra Dun

The Doon Girls School

Dehra Dun Full Time Boarding School 12 Mar 20

Key Skills : Swimming

1.      Provide swimming coaching to all the students as per their schedule.

2.      Prepare students for various swimming competitions within and outside school

3.      Escort students to various competitions and events outside school as per duty allotment.

4.      Effectively organize space, equipment and students.

1.      Keep track of various related activities/competitions happening in the school and prepare the students for the same.


Requirement for Full Time Physical Education Teacher ( Swimming, Badminton & Tennis- Grade 1 to 9) - NextGen International School, Ongole

Nextgen International School

Ongole Full Time ICSE School 20 Feb 20

Key Skills :

Assess student progress and promote attainment of school district/state/national standards

Drive self-improvement but putting in perspective individual and collective accomplishments

Employ a diverse set of methodologies to create appealing lessons  

Cultivate student awareness and ownership of personal performance

Encourage teamwork and set collective and personal development goals

Provide individualized attention and accommodate individual differences for the development of all students 

Promote safety and cleanliness in the learning environment for physical education and ensure that it remains constructive 

Conduct lessons to promote knowledge, skills in physical fitness, rhythms and dance, health education, and individual, dual and team sports

Employing a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media that is consistent with the physical limitations, needs, and capabilities of individuals students and/or groups of students

Guiding students in maintaining acceptable standards of classroom behavior

Maintaining records of individual student achievement and evaluating students on a continuous basis

Preparing for classes and maintaining written evidence of preparation

Upholding and enforcing school rules, school board policies, and administrative regulations

Working with other members of the physical education staff to plan instructional goals, objectives, and methods


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