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Urgent Requirement Full Time IB PYP Coordinator - Apeejay School International, Delhi

Apeejay School International

Delhi Full Time IB School 26 Jun 19

Key Skills :

IB-PYP Coordinator

Job Description

Department- Senior Management Team

Reports to- Head of School/Principal

Appointment- Full Time

Job Purpose- The PYP Coordinator is a member of the pedagogical leadership team which has overarching responsibility for ensuring that the teaching and learning will be enriched in line with the philosophical and implementation requirements of the program. The PYP Coordinator has a pivotal role in the collaborative planning process, taking responsibility for ensuring that pedagogical aspects are discussed, information is disseminated and the program is planned, taught and assessed collaboratively. Key Relationships (Internal and External): IBAP Regional Office, Senior Leadership Team, Department Heads, Primary Teachers, and Learning Assistants and Parents.

Key Responsibilities-

? Display international mindedness in all areas of work; imbibes the learner profiles traits as an individual.

? Display respect and interest in diverse cultures, languages, and traditions.

Ensure the school achieves its overall educational aims, mission, and vision for learners.

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? Understand the contents and value of all PYP documents for implementing the program and promote their use in the entire community.

? Lead in the development & implementation of the required School Policies (like Admission, Academic Honesty, Language Policy etc) and the School Handbook for Parent & Students on a regular basis and makes it available to all stakeholders in the community.

? Ensure that teachers, legal guardians, and candidates receive the General Regulations: PYP and understand the curriculum of the in detail.

? Discuss the Coordinator Notes when released; provide teachers with up-to-date information about changes to courses of study, assessment requirements and the administration.

? Maintain the record of updated IB-PYP Planners including exhibitions, Scope & Sequence of the Programme and also publishes the School’s Programme of Inquiry (POI).

? Assist teams or individuals in developing and documenting units of inquiry and individual student inquiries.

? Support teachers responsible for, and the students involved in, the PYP exhibition in the final year of the program.

? Monitor and evaluate the effective use of educational resources and equipment to ensure that they support student learning and inquiry.

? Ensure that teachers differentiate the teaching and learning opportunities for children with diagnosed special needs.

? Ensure the balance between transdisciplinary and disciplinary learning.

? Regularly conduct general sessions about the PYP for the whole school community and for interest groups within the community, for example, orientations, parent information sessions/coffee mornings, etc.

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? Ensure that teachers are provided access to the My IB, and encourage them to become part of a larger IB Community.

? Ensure that teachers are provided with an opportunity for professional development related to the Primary Years Programme and professional development requirements are met at school authorization/evaluation.

? Collect on-going evidence of the school’s implementation of PYP standards and practices.

? Prepare the self-study and accompanying documents for program evaluation, as and when required.

? Provide information to teachers about local regional association such as the SAIBSA and the Regional Networks. They serve as good opportunities to network with other IB teachers.

? Ensure that the school academic honesty policy is aligned with the IB expectations, that teacher implements it and that both teachers and students are aware of the requirements and penalties imposed on students for breaches of IB regulations.

? Ensure that the school has a means of support for IB students for whom the language of instruction is not their mother tongue.

Internal School Administration

? Budget: (a) Developing and administering the budget for the Primary Years Programme that will include planning the annual day, calendared events, professional development & organizing various field trips.

(b) Lead the process of purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the program ensuring equitable purchases across the POI.

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? Pastoral care: Ensure that the students understand the Academic Honesty Policy and comply with the same. Provide support to students with special education needs as per IB guidelines. Track student progress, organize academic support and advocate student concerns.

? Collaborative Meetings: Attends the Board Room, SMT, General Body Meetings on a regular basis and fosters the team to successfully achieve the targets as decided in the meetings.

Educational & Professional Qualifications-

Education: Master’s degree in the domain subject, have attended IB-professional development workshops and educational leadership/ management workshops.

Experience: 2 years’ Senior or Middle leadership in a similar setting.

Competencies: Knowledge of international accreditation, inspection and evaluation frameworks, excellent communication skills in spoken and written form, educational leader and outstanding teacher, sound decision making, solutions focused, knowledge of child protection and health and safety, experience in developing and/or sustaining high performance teams, highly effective relationship management with a variety of stakeholders, expert knowledge of IB Standards and Practices, and expert knowledge of the PYP curriculum framework.

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Attributes: Collaborative team player, inspirational speaker, empathetic listener, integrity, strategic thinker, able to convert vision into action, internationally minded, emotional intelligence, intercultural awareness, creative, persuasive, flexible and capable of managing growth and instilling high standards, adept in multilingual settings, spirited, pioneering, professional and nurturing.